Nakładka rysunkowa PROFILEK do programów ZwCad i GstarCad.

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więcejSwiadectwa Energetyczne


Projektowanie instalacji sanitarnych, grzewczych i wentylacyjnych.



Swiadectwa Energetyczne

oraz Charakterystyki Energetyczne Budynków



During many years of work in the CAD environment, we began to lack commands to accelerate the work of a sanitary designer, which is why we developed an overlay called „PROFILEK” to assist in drawing sanitary installations in a CAD environment.

PROFILEK drawing overlay for ZwCad and GstarCad programs. It is written with the intention of using it by designers of sanitary installations in their daily work. All elements inserted by Profile are on ordered layers that do not litter the drawing we are working on.

Helpful with::

  • managing work on appropriate layers
  • kopiowaniu i przesuwaniu stałych elementów rysunkowych (piony, szachty itp)
  • copying and moving fixed drawing elements (pawns, chess pieces, etc.)
  • drawing and describing longitudinal profiles of installations, connections and networks,
  • drawing pipelines with insulation and fittings,
  • drawing hydraulic diagrams,
  • drawing gas installations,
  • landscaping drawing.

The whole is written and tested on the program „GstarCad_2020_PRO” and „ZWCAD 2020_PRO” and is constantly used by the author of the program in everyday work in the design of sanitary installations.

The overlay version available for download on the website is a full-fledged version that works for 30 days from the date of installation.
At the end of the 30-day trial period, some of the overlay commands become inactive. To restore inactive commands, you must purchase a Profile license file.

ATTENTION – files with the „PROFILE 4.0”, „PROFILE 3.2”, „PROFILE 3.1” and „PROFILE 3” licenses are compatible with each other.